Fitness Means More Than Just The Body


Fitness Means More Than Just The Body

Physical fitness is the condition of health and well being and, more importantly, the capacity to do different parts of daily activities, jobs and sports. The word ‘fit’ itself is subjective, used to describe how you feel after doing an exercise or sport. Physical fitness improves over time but some prerequisites remain. Good physical fitness is necessary for people to live healthy lives and to participate in sports and recreational activities. At the very least, a person should be able to walk short distances, cycle or run up and down a hill.

In order to have good fitness, exercise or sports should be done on a regular basis and in the right order. This means that the most important thing is to first do enough stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles and improve your flexibility. Physical fitness means a lot of muscle strength and the body must work hard to balance the forces of gravity and the resistance provided by the muscular strength. Proper nutrition also contributes to your strength and fitness.

Muscular endurance is another component of fitness. Muscles need to be stretched to increase the ability to use them and become stronger. Muscles also have a limit on the amount of force they can withstand before becoming damaged. Hence muscular endurance also includes the ability of the body to resist injury and pain. It is the ability of a person to overcome pain and to continue with his or her activities even when the injured part is very painful.

The condition of the heart is one of the most important indicators of fitness. Heart disease, obesity and other heart problems greatly reduce overall health. The best way to improve the condition of the heart is to regularly exercise and follow a healthy diet. The different types of exercise and the variations of these exercises help to improve fitness.

Fitness in a broader perspective includes many factors such as body composition, psychological fitness, nutritional habits and physical fitness. The best combination of these factors is referred to as fitness. Some of these factors are included in the activity strategy of athletes and the combination is called athletic training program. A few other factors include total calorie consumption, body fat and muscular endurance. The total calorie consumption refers to the food intake while muscular endurance refers to the level of oxygen carried by the body.

Physical fitness means everything that determines whether you are a happy, physically fit person or not. Fitness can be improved through regular exercise and the addition of certain elements. These elements include good nutrition and active participation in sport activities. With proper education and knowledge about the various factors affecting fitness, it is possible to live a long and happy life.