How to Choose a Good Workout Routine

What is a workout? Simply put, a workout consists of a series of exercises designed to increase or maintain fitness or to relieve some form of pain (e.g., arthritis). A workout may last for short periods of time – from 30 seconds to an hour – or be a full-body workout. There are many different types of workouts and each one targets a particular area of the body. For example, a cardio workout focuses on improving your cardiovascular condition and using your heart as an energy source.


Exercise definition. A workout is any physical activity or exercise that improves physical fitness, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. A workout can be short or long. For example, walking around the block for a few blocks, or lifting weights for an hour. Some forms of exercise don’t use your muscles directly; they use your joints as joints are the hinges that keep the skeletal structure in place and provide you with mobility. For example, most Pilates exercises use your hips, buttocks and thighs instead of your back and neck.

Types of workout. The kinds of exercises vary depending on your physical condition and current state of fitness. For example, if you are obese you probably want to lose weight or improve your fitness level. In that case, strength training or resistance training would be ideal. For those who are fit and well-balanced, aerobic exercises or stretching would be more appropriate.

How to start. To begin an exercise program, it is important to warm up and stretch before proceeding to any type of exercise. A warm up session can include walking, jogging, jumping rope or cycling. A stretching routine will include abdominal exercises such as crunches, lunges or leg raises, as these types of movements increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Once you have warmed up and stretched, you can proceed to an exercise routine. It is important to know which exercises are more effective for you so that you can choose the ones that help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Types of workout. There are a lot of options available when it comes to physical activity. The kind of exercise that you should do depends on what part of your body you are working on. If you are on the back, you can benefit from strength training and stretching so that you can keep your spine in a good position. If you are on the front, an exercise such as squatting can give you good benefits because this kind of physical activity targets muscles in the front and prevents them from sagging. For people suffering from different medical conditions, consulting your doctor is important so that you can determine the best exercise regimen for your needs.

Benefits of strength training and stretching. Stretching and strength training exercises not only make your muscles strong, but they also maintain a healthy posture. As your muscles become strong, they become less susceptible to injury and strains. This makes it important for people suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease to follow a workout regimen that includes both stretching and strength training.