The Impact Of Technology On Society

Technology has been an integral part of human society since its inception. It has given man the ability to do many things beyond his wildest dreams. With the development of technology, mankind has become a better, more unified species. Technology has affected every aspect of our lives including transportation, information exchange, telecommunications, entertainment, business, medicine, and education.


Technology is basically the combination of any physical or digital methods, skills, systems, and practices utilized in the creation of products or services or in the achievement of specific objectives, for instance scientific research or military action. The interaction of human minds has greatly contributed to the development of technology. Many people think that technology is bad and society is good because society has created technology. In reality, technology has helped make humanity a better species and made life much easier and convenient.

Many different types of technology exist in today’s world. There are computer technology, electrical and electronic engineering, software, high-tech manufacturing, laser, satellite, television, radio, mobile phones, and many other forms. A society that did not have any use for technology would be a society that has no use for any of the innovations and inventions that have been produced. Some examples of these innovations and creations are the telephone, computer, television, steamboat, airplane, steamboat engines, automobile, and the radio.

In addition to the technological innovations, technology is also used to support society. For instance, new ways to produce food, discover cures for diseases, learn more about the universe, make communication with others, explore outer space, learn about energy, and build the perfect world to live in are all examples of how technology supports society. Without technology, we would still be living in caveman days. The invention of the wheel and the use of fire have allowed for farming to take place in a way that it did not occur before. Computers and the Internet have brought about many new opportunities in learning and information sharing that would not have happened without technological advancements.

While technology is necessary for a thriving society, it has also created some problems as well. One of the major problems with technology is its affect on social interaction. Humans interact with each other on many different levels and in many different ways. It has been noted that in some cases, technology has removed the human element from those interactions. This is especially true in technological systems such as the Internet, which is divorced from real life interaction. As a result, individuals are left to their own devices to engage in real life social interactions, which have been considered socially normal.

Technology in society has definitely impacted the world. Whether an individual agrees or not, technology is here to stay and it is affecting every aspect of life. However, it does not mean that every day living is no longer possible because of technology. With the correct amount of technology, society can function as it was meant to – a cohesive, peaceful union of people who share a common destiny.