The Most Common Mental Health Disorders

Mental health, a condition of well being in which an individual recognizes his/her talents, is able to cope with the normal emotional stresses of everyday life, is able to produce a positive affect on performance, and can effectively utilize the energies generated by creativity. A person in good mental health accepts that he/she has gifts and potential that may be developed through training and experience. Such a person strives hard to realize these potentials.

Mental Health

People in the mental health field are often known as consultants, educators, therapists, and consultants. Their job is to assess the mental and emotional health and the functioning of individuals in order to provide the right kind of treatment and counseling to those who need it. In fact, good mental health is associated with a healthy society and productive work force. Without people who can contribute to the society in positive ways, progress towards development goes down.

People in the mental health field work closely with patients, and they attempt to find out what could be the underlying cause behind the negative behavior, or negative thoughts, in the patient. They try to identify the root cause of the illness, in order to treat the illness at its source. They also help in the treatment of individuals who have mental illness. They provide counseling and help in developing work programs for individuals struggling with mental illness. By developing work programs, they enhance the abilities of the patients so that they are able to cope with daily stresses in productive ways.

The concept of mental health covers a wide range of issues. It includes aspects such as physical, mental, social, educational, neurological well-being, wellness, and the impact of social environment on health. A happy and healthy society ensures the overall well-being of its people. In addition, the mental and physical well-being enhances the individual’s performance in work, family life, and leisure activities. A good mental well being promotes a sense of social well-being and contributes to positive social behaviors in people.

The concepts of mental disorders are based on research performed from the past fifty years. Many theories have emerged since then, with a leading theory by Sigmund Freud claiming that people develop these disorders when there is an obstruction in their ability to achieve desired goals. The most common of these mental disorders is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can vary from case to case; while in some cases, the patient may hear voices or see things that do not exist, in other cases, they do actually experience hallucinations. Psychosis on the other hand is a different concept. Schizophrenia refers to a condition in which patients have abnormal perceptions of reality, resulting in abnormal behavior patterns.

The above discussed categories of mental health disorders are just a few of the many that exist. Among them, anxiety and bipolar disorder have received much media attention over the last decade. If you or someone you know may be suffering from one or more of these disorders, it is important to seek professional help from licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. Early diagnosis and treatment will greatly improve the odds of a person living a productive life.