Top Health News 2010

Do you subscribe to top health news? It seems like there is a new health story that comes out almost every day, and the medical field is always scrambling to find the latest in their area of expertise. Most of the headlines seem to be about things that have been discovered about previously unknown diseases or medical conditions. Although it’s nice to see the latest and greatest medical breakthroughs being announced, some people would rather hear about new products from the grocery store or from their favorite TV personality than the latest research and development in the medical world. Read below to learn some of the top health stories from the medical world.

Top Health News

In April, 2010, researchers confirmed that there was a link between electromagnetic fields and certain types of cancer. Though the news was quite dramatic, it didn’t affect the sale of cell phones, which are thought to be a cause of numerous health problems, including brain tumors. People can get the same amount of exposure through cell phones and computers without suffering any ill effects. Other illnesses that may be affected by the news were cholesterol levels, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

In May, 2010, researchers confirmed that Viagra may actually work to treat erectile dysfunction. This is one of the top health stories of the year, since Viagra has been the subject of intense criticism for the last few years. Since the drug came onto the market, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction has dramatically increased. The news does not indicate how Viagra works, but instead offers assurance that the drug is worth trying.

In August, another big development occurred with the health of bacteria in the lab. After studying the effect of antibiotic drugs on bacteria in the lab, scientists observed a drastic decrease in bacteria when the antibiotics were administered. This news may prove to be very important in the fight against bacterial infections all over the world. Scientists are not sure how this affects the way antibiotics are used on people. However, they do think that it is a major development. Other top health stories of the year 2010 included the development of a vaccine for hepatitis B, the discovery of a new form of cancer-resistant cells, and the prevention of a deadly disease caused by the clostridium Botox.

News concerning AIDS and HIV is usually considered to be bad news. However, in early August, the American Journal of Public Health reported that there has been a reversal in the rate of AIDS and HIV cases. The reasons for this change were not given, but many noted that the tests for AIDS and HIV are now more accurate than ever before. This news is very good for those who suffer from these diseases, because they now have a possibility of living longer lives. Also, since this comes on the heels of the popular movie “uratkabah”, more people are aware of the virus and are beginning to seek prevention methods more than ever before.

No matter what your particular interest is, you can probably find plenty of information on the latest in the world of health. Simply doing an Internet search will result in hundreds of hits on topics you may find interesting and relevant. If you are looking for good health articles, there are many well written articles on the subject that provide lots of useful information. Whether it is the latest in diet and nutrition or sensational health stories, you are sure to find the right news if you do some research.