What Is the Public Health Definition of Good Health?

The definition of health has changed a great deal over the last century. Today, a person could be described as healthy if they have a healthy attitude, a good physical health, and the ability to enjoy their life to the fullest. Health is a state of well being or physical health. An excellent example of health would be what’s checked on a physical test during a check up.


In recent years, the need for healthy physical environments has increased along with the need for good mental health solutions. This is where wellness has crossed over into the realm of spirituality. The word wellness has been around for a very long time and today it refers to the ability to live a rich life by maintaining a happy mental state. A rich and happy mental state is very important for overall wellness and mental health.

Mental health problems include depression and anxiety disorders; bipolar and manic episodes; schizophrenia; autism spectrum disorders; obsessive compulsive disorders; and eating disorders. The definition of wellness includes the ability to live in an optimal state. Living in an optimal state will prevent most illnesses and diseases from even occurring. This will also prevent disease from developing into other more serious conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

A good indicator of one’s health includes their susceptibility to diseases and their risk factors. The susceptibility factor refers to the strength of a person’s immune system. The risk factors might include genetics, environmental factors, and behaviors. For example, people who are sexually active and are in conflict might have a greater chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

A good health definition does not only consider physical conditions. It also takes into account mental and emotional states. People with good health also tend to be optimistic in their outlook on life and do not view the world negatively. They have good coping skills and can easily bounce back from emotional setbacks. Those with poor health are more likely to perceive the world negatively and have low self-esteem.

A good public health definition should take into account the mental health and wellness of individuals as well as their daily living habits and environment. This way, the definition of healthy living can encompass preventive measures, disease management, and treatment. Healthy diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority. Individuals who are healthy and keep their psychological well-being in check are less likely to develop illnesses and become ill or be sicker. This is because they have higher levels of self-esteem and are better able to cope with everyday life despite the presence of many stresses.